What Sofa Material Is Best For Dogs

If you have a pet at home, selecting the finest upholstery material is critical. Given the price of professional cleaning or upholstery and repair, getting it right the first time is critical. This indicates that durability should be at the top of your priority list. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style or color because there are numerous excellent upholstery materials this blog will give you a detailed overview of What Sofa Material Is Best For Dogs.

What Sofa Material Is Best For Dogs
What Sofa Material Is Best For Dogs

What Sofa Material Is Best For Dogs:

It may seem hard to maintain your furniture clean and undamaged when your lovely pet loves it as much as you do, but that is not the case. It all depends on your chosen fabric—some won’t hold up to your cat’s claws, but others won’t reveal scratches as quickly.

You might want to reconsider replacing your sofa with a sleek leather sofa that can withstand inquisitive paws. Many textiles won’t absorb any strange scents your dog could leave behind. Some of these may surprise you, but these are the textiles that are essentially pet-proof, according to experts.

Microfiber is the greatest material, whether you have a dog or a cat. This synthetic material, often known as micro-suede, is a pet lover’s dream. It’s simple to clean, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. You may vacuum or use a lint brush to remove hairs without destroying the material, and most stains can be removed with mild soap and warm water. It also comes in various colors and styles due to its synthetic nature.

Dog-Friendly Couch Fabric:

Many dog owners over synthetic textiles prefer leather. Real leather, unlike artificial leather, is stain-resistant, easy to clean, doesn’t collect a lot of pet hair, and is a highly fashionable option. The only disadvantage of leather is it’s pricey and not scratch resistant. Leather may not be suitable if your dog scratches or chews on your furniture.

Your couch’s fabric weave will be less likely to catch on your pet’s claws if it is tighter. Dog and cat owners should consider canvas, Denim, and artificial microfiber couches. Look for darker hues that hide dirt better, or better yet, choose a fabric that matches your pet’s fur so that the hair doesn’t stick out.

It’s important to consider how your pets behave around the house while choosing a new couch or sofa or reupholstering an old one. For example, if you have a dog, it may lose a lot of hair, or you may still be potty-training a puppy. Those are likely to be your key concerns if that’s the case. Seven alternatives appear to work best in our experience.


For every pet owner, leather is one of the best solutions. Because it doesn’t hold onto messes, it’s quite easy to clean. Any obvious messes can simply be wiped away. Leather also doesn’t discolor readily or collect scents because it isn’t absorbent.

Fur and hair won’t attach to leather, making it a fantastic choice for pet owners. To keep the leather supple, vacuum it away and use an industrial cleaning. Leather, however, scratches (which isn’t always a negative thing). It’s a good idea to keep your cat’s nails clipped because sharp claws might puncture the leather and leave small holes.

Although it can be scuffed, distressed leather has a distinct aesthetic that some people find appealing enough to purchase brand new couches with distressed leather already installed.


  • Simple to clean
  • Even after being disturbed, it still looks beautiful.
  • Scratches and marks can be polished out.
  • It is resistant to stains.
  • It doesn’t retain scents.


  • It’s possible to scratch it.


Pleather is a synthetic version of leather that is counterfeit. It’s not as tough as leather, and it doesn’t buff out as well if it gets scratched. Apart from that, leather has many of the same advantages as leather.

Pleather acquires a patina over time that some people find attractive. A pet, especially if they have a favorite position on the couch, can contribute to the darkening of leather. Keep your dogs away from your leather if you want it to last. If that’s not an option, consider protecting your sofa with a slipcover or blanket. Pleather, like leather, is not absorbent.

It doesn’t absorb odors or spills, and it doesn’t discolor readily. The majority of spills may be simply cleaned up with a paper towel.


  • It is simple to clean.
  • It’s stain-resistant.
  • Non-absorbent


  • Not as long-lasting as leather
  • It is scratch-able.

Outdoor Fabrics:

Try outside seating if you’re looking for indoor furniture to utilize with your pet. Outdoor furniture is intended to withstand severe rain, sleet, snow, and whatever the weather may throw at you. So it’ll suffice for your canine companion.

Also, don’t be concerned with fashion or selection. There are a plethora of fantastic alternatives that will persuade you that outdoor furniture is no longer limited to your patio or sundeck. This Polaris Garden Set will look great both indoors and out. It’s also constructed of tough rattan, so your dog can climb over it without harming it.

Outdoor furniture is generally typically far less expensive than its indoor version. So, if you’re trying to stretch your furniture budget, you might want to check the “ins” of outdoor furniture.

When looking for outdoor furniture, there’s one thing to keep in mind: the padding. While the cushions are simple to clean, they may be too porous or light to be comfortable. If you want further assistance, look into alternative pet-friendly choices.


  • Comparatively low-cost
  • Deep cleaning is a breeze.
  • There are several styles to choose from.


  • It’s possible that bringing outside furniture inside won’t appeal to you.
  • With limited support, it’s quite light.


Denim might not be the first item that springs to mind regarding furniture. It should not, however, be forgotten. It may be made into comfortable pet-friendly furniture in addition to strong, durable pants. Denim furniture may also give any living room a young, laid-back vibe.

But it’s the same reason jeans are the favored choice of trousers for work teams worldwide: they’re extremely durable and protective. It’s nearly as durable as genuine leather. It is, nevertheless, significantly more breathable. Denim’s weave is exceptionally tight-fitting, even though it is knitted together. It permits air to pass through while preventing objects from passing through.

However, denim furniture has one major flaw: it’s a very specialized cloth. This means it may be tough to locate denim furniture you enjoy and more difficult to discover items that complement your current decor. On the other hand, Denim may be a unique and great choice for any dog lover’s home if you’re undergoing a major redesign.


  • Long-lasting and tough
  • Design is unmistakably informal.


  • They are tightly intertwined
  • Fabric that is tough to come by.
  • It’s possible that it won’t go with your décor.


Canvas is used for more than simply painting and ship sails. It’s a great cloth for furniture. This is because the canvas is another incredibly durable but comfortable alternative. It’s comparable to Denim because it’s a durable fabric firmly knitted together. It also has a natural feel, giving it a wonderful roughness.

Manufacturers prefer to deal with different fabrics. Thus canvas furniture might be tough to come by. You may, however, have one custom-built for a fee. It doesn’t get much better than this for a natural-feeling fabric. It has the feel of linen without wrinkles, the durability of Denim without color limitations, and the cleaning convenience of leather.


  • Tough and dependable
  • Natural feel Tightly weaved
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s difficult to come by.
  • Pricey

Tight Weave Twill:

Twill is more of a weaving technique than it is a fabric. Twill is often made of cotton or a polyester-cotton hybrid, although it can be made in various thread counts. It’s also one of the most often used furniture covers. It won’t be difficult to find a twill couch or sofa.

However, finding the proper thread count and weave may require some searching. Twill is available in various designs and styles, both textured and printed. It’s important to search for a textured pattern here. Textured twill designs are frequently woven considerably tighter than normal printed patterns to withstand the rigorous demands imposed on them by your dog’s claws better.

Regarding pet-friendly furniture, herringbone, houndstooth, and serge weaves are just a few better twill patterns to pick from.


  • It is really simple to locate
  • There are several designs to choose from.


  • Cleaning is more difficult.
  • Even so, it will shred more quickly than other fabrics such as leather or canvas.


If you want the look of leather but not the expense, microfiber can be a good option. It’s made to appear like leather (or suede) but with extra benefits.

Unlike certain leathers, microfiber sofas are typically stain-resistant and might be easier to clean! They can be cleaned off as simply as leather, but they frequently include machine-washable seat and cushion coverings. They’re also considerably softer than leather if you seek a more lovely couch.

This is a great option for any dog parent searching for new furniture, and it won’t break the bank. Microfiber sofas, on the other hand, aren’t as long-lasting as real leather couches. They’ll probably need to be replaced before your real leather furniture does.


  • They’re quite prevalent.
  • Inexpensive
  • It’s easy to clean


  • Not as long-lasting as other textiles
  • It can still be torn or ripped

Protected Fabrics—Crypton, Scotchgard:

If rips and tears aren’t a concern, but pet stains are, you have a few different alternatives in protective fabrics. These are either materials engineered to repel stains and smells or protective sprays applied to your current sofa to act as a barrier.

Many hotels and cruise ships, for example, utilize Crypton furniture. Crypton cloth is a proprietary technology that makes a piece of furniture stain-resistant and prevents bacteria from growing.

However, another option exists if you don’t want to spend the money on Crypton cloth. Get a couple of cans of Scotchgard or any other upholstery protection. This product works wonders for avoiding stains, repelling liquids, and obliterating pet scents. Scotchgard is a temporary remedy, but it is significantly less expensive than buying new furniture.


  • A very low-cost alternative
  • Bacterial growth is inhibited Cons


  • Normally, there aren’t many appealing stylings.
  • Using a protective spray will necessitate reapplication regularly throughout time.


Slipcovers are another inexpensive but efficient solution to protect your furniture from your pets. Slipcovers are like fitted sheets for your bed, but your couches and chairs.

Perhaps a new sofa isn’t in the cards right now, or you can’t face parting with your grandmother’s old silk settee. Whatever your reason for wanting to maintain your non-pet-friendly furniture, finding a high-quality covering is your best bet for remaining sane and keeping your pet.

Some firms make coverings that can be quickly removed when guests come over, so you don’t have to stare at the pet hair-covered slipcovers all the time.

It’s great to simply loosen up in general. Life is short, and a few more scuffs on your coach aren’t the worst thing that might happen.

They’re frequently quite low-cost, making them ideal for anyone on a limited budget. Slipcovers are available in various designs and colors, making them suitable for practically any space in your home. They’re also machine washable, making cleaning a breeze.

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Short-Pile Cotton Velour

Velour is a knitted fabric composed of cotton and polyester that looks velvet but won’t attract your pet. “It has more elasticity than velvet and is ideal for dance and sportswear, especially leotards and tracksuits,” says the designer. “A friend of ours told us that cats don’t like velvet,” explains Tammer Hijazi, Bower Studio’s co-founder and creative director.

“To shield their clean-lined couch from the claws of their Bengal cat, Cleo, they upholstered it in a short-pile cotton velour from Kvadrat.” Hayslett searches for commercial textiles with rub counts of 100,000 to 200,000 that can withstand dogs, whereas Ireland looks for mohair for houses with cats since it gives them the creeps. “If you have an incontinent dog, use solution-dyed acrylic carpets; you can bleach it, and it won’t change color,” he adds.

How To Mix And Match Sofa And Loveseat

Bring the outside in with you:

Sunbrella and Perennials’ performance/outdoor acrylic fabrics received the most praise from our experts. It appears that it is no longer simply for your patio cushions. “They have some lovely materials,” Denise observes.

She says that the hues are dye-infused, making it great for colorfastness. Even better, she claims that “cleaning is incredibly effortless.” “It cleans up nicely in spots and may be cleaned with a bleach solution.” The only drawback, she claims, is that it’s so long-lasting that you’ll be staring at it for a long time!

Even though it’s acrylic, it can be made to appear and feel like other fabrics like velvet or linen with a little magic. That’s also the description I discovered for RH’s Perennials range, and other manufacturers utilize comparable materials. For example, pottery Barn and West Elm provide various “performance” alternatives for their couches, which appear to have comparable features (except that you can’t bleach them!).

Finally, there’s the option of getting any sofa you like and covering it:

Claire picks her fights with Max, her black Lab. “We merely use blankets to cover our sofa,” she explains. “I can’t bear not giving him the sofa. Thus we have a lot of washing!” Max like a blanket with sherpa on one side, which he enjoys snuggling on.”

But what if you don’t want a blanket draped over your sofa all the time?

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me until I asked Tyler, our trainer. He probably has a half-dozen dogs at any given time, but they aren’t permitted on the sofa unless there’s a blanket on the floor. That appears to need pretty profound reasoning on the side of dogs! He replies he doesn’t think so.

If the dogs go on the sofa without the blanket, he recommends moving them off, then putting the blanket on and telling them they may climb up there. He recalls, “They put two and two together quite quickly.”

How Do Dogs Ruin Furniture?

Dogs don’t merely destroy stuff for the sake of destroying it. It’s not as if they don’t like the color or décor and decide to redesign the house. The majority of furniture damage caused by dogs is due to an accident.

Marks left by claws:

As they leap on and off your furniture, their nails may damage or destroy it. Fortunately, this is the most specific cause to avoid. All you have to do is maintain your dog’s claws clipped and groomed regularly. They will not be able to snag as a result of this. Another option is to get a couch with a closely woven fabric.

They’re Relieving Their selves:

However, a dog’s claws aren’t the only power to be reckoned with. Your dog may defecate on the couch by mistake. Perhaps a more excited, younger dog just loses control of its bladder. Alternatively, your senior dog is starting to develop incontinence problems. In any case, it’ll have to be cleaned up. Some types of furniture make this quite simple. Everything should be OK after a simple wipe-down with a moist cloth.

Angry Energy:

When it comes to your dog ruining furniture, the worst fear has completely pulled apart your couch or sofa. This is frequently done while you are away from home and your dog is experiencing separation anxiety. To avoid this, you should teach your children correct egress and ingress when they leave the house at a young age.

What Fabrics Should You Avoid If You Have a dog:

There isn’t a fabric out there that is ideal for dog owners. Some materials are readily damaged and should be avoided if at all feasible.


Tweed may give your home a beautiful rustic vibe, but it’s not the best choice for dogs because it’s so loosely knit. This makes it much simpler for your dog’s nails to grab on your couch and unravel it. Furthermore, the loose weave traps hair and dust, which may make your furniture smell awful.


Suede is a softer, gentler cousin of leather. However, it is not suitable for use around pets. It attracts and locks in water stains, despite its durability. Any wet stains, whether spit, pee, or mud, will become very noticeable and difficult to clean.


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics available for furniture making. It is sadly quite high maintenance, even for individuals who do not have pets. When you add a dog to the mix, it’s practically hard to keep clean. Silk is a delicate, loosely woven fabric that is prone to tearing. It also stains readily, necessitating the services of a skilled cleaning. If you’re a puppy parent, it’s better to avoid silk entirely.


Velvet is another furniture material that requires a lot of upkeep. Velvet has its own set of problems, even though it isn’t as thin or loosely woven as silk. It attracts dog fur like a magnet. Even if your dog has a low shedding coat, there will be enough hair on your velvet sofa to make another dog. It’s also quite absorbent when it comes to ripe, unpleasant odors. Considering the necessity for professional cleaning, it’s no surprise that most dog owners shun velvet furniture.

Last Thoughts:

Having a dog does not inevitably imply that your furnishings will be destroyed. That does not rule out the possibility. If you choose the proper furniture, your dog and furniture may coexist together or take precautions against pet stains and damage.

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