Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know

So you want to be a part of one of the biggest interior trends of 2022 Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know, Good decision!

Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know
Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know

This rich finish has had a primary stylistic impression in interiors, from apparel and curtains to benches and stools, and it’s simple to understand why. Velvet produces such a welcoming ambiance and is linked with luxury when it comes to the home furniture. Velveteen was formerly exclusively available to the very rich, but it is now much more affordable for everyone to have in their house.

Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know

The concept of a velveteen sofa may not come to everyone purchasing new furniture, or if it does, it is sometimes dismissed because it is too delicate, too pricey, or simply not hip. Fortunately, none of those things are true any longer (if they ever were). Therefore we recommend that you reconsider this often-overlooked fabric.

What is velvet furniture? :

Velvet is a velvety, soft-textured fabric. Velvet’s softness comes from a unique looming method in which two types of fibers are woven together and then ripped apart to create a pile effect. Velveteen is usually constructed of a synthetic substance like polyester.

Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know

Velvet is a fabric type created from silk, wool, or synthetic materials like polyester. However, the idea remains the same: two pieces of cloth are woven face to face, with fiber lengths threaded through from one to the other. Then they’re chopped apart, leaving a lovely nap made up of hundreds of tufts of the cut fiber that gives velveteen its characteristic softness, warmth, and coziness.

Velvet is an excellent method to bring texture to a space that is either extremely basic and neutral or dominated by more harsh materials like leather, wood, or exposed brick. This texture and tone contrast brings a place to live, especially with today’s demand for varied, unexpected, and even sarcastic design elements. It also means that velveteen can be easily incorporated into practically any room and various design styles without clashing or seeming out of place.

How Velvet is Created to Last:

Many people believe that this cloth is high-maintenance because of its exquisite look. Velvet, in reality, is not entirely delicate and, with proper care, may survive for many years.

Velvet Furniture Buying Guide-Need to Know

When people sit on velvet, the pile usually ruffles up or becomes damaged, making them uncomfortable. There’s nothing to worry about if you want velvet silk and smooth. After a time, the pile will revert to its original condition, and you may smooth it out by gently heating it.

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However, there are occasions when more permanent markings are necessary, and you must accept and love them. Velvet is similar to leather, yet it is more luxurious.

However, because each tuft of fiber is a single cut strand, rather than a loop or woven pattern, there is nothing to get caught by pet claws or stray bits of clothes and nothing to trap dirt and dust. This makes velvet remarkably durable and damage-resistant, and simple to clean with only a vacuum cleaner.

Why Velvet Furniture?:

A widespread misperception about velvet is that it requires a lot of upkeep. Let’s debunk that fallacy right now! Your velvet furniture will endure a long time if properly cared for and maintained. Synthetic velvets, such as those made of high-quality polyester, are also less prone to marking, fading, and crushing. This increases its durability and suitability for daily usage.

The rich pile is a significant feature of velvet. We’ve all touched velvet and seen the difference when the fibers are brushed in the opposite direction. Brush the pile in the same direction across the surface for the neatest appearance. This may be done by hand or using a velvet upholstery brush.

Maintaining Your Velvet:

All velvet needed is a brief vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust, followed by brushing in the direction the fibers naturally lie to restore the nap. If you do drop something, thoroughly blot it with a clean, absorbent towel to remove as much as possible. Washing the velvet with water might cause it to lose its texture. Instead, it’s always preferable to use a commercial cleaning agent made exclusively for velveteen and follow the directions carefully. If your velveteen sofa’s covers are detachable, you might be able to take them to a professional upholstery cleaning.

Even if there are no specific spills or damage, it is essential getting velveteen upholstery cleaned by a professional regularly to avoid dirt, grease, or stains from building up and keep the sofa looking new and fresh for as long as possible.

How Does Velvet Furniture Hold Up?:

Velvet furniture may be stunning, comfy, rich, and thrilling all simultaneously. But none of these characteristics will matter if it does not endure the test of time! Here’s all you need to know about velvet quality and its durability in furniture.

Velvet Is A Suitable Material:

Velveteen, especially the short pile’ kind, is a functional material. The greater the pile, the more weaves or loops there are, and it is more likely to catch, pull, and unravel. A higher pile of velvet also means more dirt and dust is expected to settle in. (Think of velveteen furniture as a higher-pile shag rug — it may appear softer and cozier, but are you ready to sacrifice durability?)

It’s Still Highly Durable:

When we state that some varieties of velveteen aren’t as durable as others, keep in mind that none of them are as stable as non-velveteen textiles. When searching for velveteen furniture, look at the backing fabric; velveteen upholstery is only as durable as the materials it’s made of. Manipulate the fabric in a cushion such that it “crunches” up or bends; if you can see the backing merely by doing this, you’ve got a lower-quality item. (If you’re dealing with something that can’t “bend,” such as a sofa, try parting the velveteen threads with your fingers. If you can easily split them and view the background fabric, that’s another symptom of a poorly constructed design.)

How To Introduce Velvet into Your Home:

You might be wary about having velveteen furniture in your home. Sure, it appears fantastic in glossy publications, but how will it look in a real-life situation? Don’t worry; we’re here to assist you. There’s a reason velveteen is so popular, and it has a lot to do with how versatile it is in terms of styling.

Start Small:

Start modestly if you’ve never used velveteen in your home before. It’s the same thing when adding a bright color or a modern finish to a neutral space. Our Plaza stool is a terrific way to incorporate a little velveteen into your home without making it the primary focal point or feature. You may easily add extra stools, benches, and dining chairs later if you like the appearance. Order samples before buying to get a feel for the fabric and coordinate colors, knowing you’re getting the correct item.

Combine With Complementary Materials:

To make your velveteen furniture appear right at home, consider the materials it will be sitting next to velveteen instantly gives softness to any environment, so using timber and leather materials to create a contrasting yet coherent design is lovely.

Velveteen is an excellent material for modern designs. Because of its textured character, it catches the light and creates fascinating silhouettes. It works exceptionally well with curved patterns since the fabric’s shine draws attention to the curves on the surface. The fabric’s softness lends an inviting vibe and approachability, making it ideal for creating a welcoming dining space.

Velvet Care:

Velveteen upholstery is significantly less challenging to clean and preserve than you believe. To begin with, the 100% polyester short pile velvet we use in our furniture has been rub tested to 40,000 rubs, indicating that it is far from delicate.

It’s best to act quickly after a spill, as with most materials. This is because cleaning velveteen before the mark sinks through to infiltrate the base material is much easier. Then, soak up the spilled using an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Instead of rubbing the surface, dab it to absorb the liquid better.

Wipe the fabric in a circular motion. Then, either air dries the cloth or use a hairdryer to expedite the process. This will help gather any dust or debris accumulated in a pile. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to prevent undesired markings on your velvet. Have no anxiety if you see your velvet has lost some of its lusters. By running the nozzle across the velvet at a moderate speed, you may restore its trademark shine with a steamer. For the best outcomes, go in the direction of sleep. Brush the material in the nap direction with a soft-bristled hairbrush after it is scorched.

What Is The Best Way to Clean Velvet Furniture?:

Regularly brush your velvet furniture using a velvet brush or a soft clothes brush in the nap direction to keep it looking its best. Avoid allowing anything complicated to sit or rest on the material for an extended period. If a heavy book is kept in the same spot for long enough, it will mark the velvet. Velvet furniture is undeniably opulent, but learning to care for it properly is essential to retaining that luxury.

  • Check your velvet furniture’s cleaning instructions. You don’t want to harm your furniture or make any stains worse.
  • Test a small area initially. For removing stains on velvet, mild dish soap combined with water is typically the best choice. If you’re still unclear whether your cleaning solution will work after reading the care guidelines, try a tiny patch in a protected area first.
  • Brush, vacuum, and dry. Once you’ve wiped the stain or spill from your velvet furniture, absorb any residual solution with a dry cloth before vacuuming the area thoroughly.

Colorful Combinations:

Velvet comes in a wide range of colors, so we’ve curated a selection of the most designer-looking options for you.

The colorways of light blue, grey, and navy are on the more neutral side of the color wheel, making them highly flexible and timeless. Both are simple to work with, so you can add color to your area without it being overwhelming. The velvet’s delicate shine shows the color’s high and lowlights, giving your velvet furniture even more depth.

Teal and other rich jewel tones go nicely with velvet because they exude elegance and richness. When combined with brass, this produces a rich and luxurious look.

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