Velvet Care Guide

Velvet Care Guide

To keep your velvet furniture looking the best. Velvet Care Guide is very essential for every velvet furniture owner. A little care and maintenance are essential, so we’ve put together this guide full of valuable tips and ideas to help …

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Jackknife Sofa

A Jackknife Sofa is a couch that you can pull out and use as a bed. All it requires is pulling down the seat, and it’ll lay out flat. This quality makes it a great alternative to your standard pull-out …

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Tight Back Sofa

Tight Back Sofa, A little-known fact is that tight back sofas have cushions that aren’t really loose by design. They visibly look tight (hence the name), and if you were to sit on one, you could see how comfortable they …

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Buy It For Life Sofa

Buy It For Life Sofa

Buy It For Life Sofa: This is a term we made for the most durable sofa sets; with the holiday season starting, you might think of upgrading your living room furniture. And that is a great idea. But it’s not …

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